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Case Studies & Experience


Blended Consultants


Outbound Sales


Lead Generation

FMCG & Blended Consultant Case Study

OneChat is currently working with an iconic global FMCG business providing a range of customer interactions in Australia, AsiaPac and globally. This client previously had a number of customer functions siloed and in house but were struggling under the weight of call wait times, average customer handling times and cost to serve. OneChat approached them about providing them blended consultants via our Centre of Excellence. Our results speak for themselves…



Fast Moving Consumables Group (FMCG)


We provided this client an opportunity to benchmark our blended consultant solutions in key stages, initially in Australia only. Enquiries come through our telephony system from retailers looking to place orders via phone as well as customer interaction via web portals, livechat, email and fax.

With an initial headcount of 19 staff growing to 35 , we have highlighted the cost efficiency and customer centricity of our approach by hitting key KPI’s set by our client. Via our OneProgram, our staff have been extensively trained in customer contact solutions and now look to provide our clients customers upsell opportunities on every call increasing ROI

The OneChat Solution


After successful completion of stage 1, we are currently working with our client on stage 2 of our project plan which will include 24×7 support for the AsiaPac region. With Melbourne being Australia’s multicultural epicentre we will be recruiting staff to provide these services in a multilingual capacity.

We are also looking to provide additional services for this client that they have not previously performed in house such as NPS surveys, video marketing and video chat.





Average speed

to answer

OneChat Results

Previously 69%

Previously 45/20


The campaign now has our blended staffing solution sitting at a 92% occupancy rate (previously 69%) which is the time our consultants spend directly interacting with a customer.

This along with an average speed to answer calls sitting at 80/20 (previously 45/20) has improved our clients customer experience and reduced cost to serve.


OneChat Results


Of sales targets exceeded

$2 Billion

In sales revenue generated

Finance Outbound Sales Case Study

Our client is an award winning and emerging player in the fintech space. OneChat was contracted to provide an outbound direct sales team for a customer acquisition campaign, selling our clients suite of financial products and services, as well as cross selling to their existing customer base.



Banking and Financial Services


Working with our client we designed a sales strategy that included script design in line with financial compliance requirements, along with a conversational sales approach.

From the data provided our team profiled the propensity to purchase and designed a dialling strategy to suit for maximum return on investment for our client. OneChat designed a tailored training program and facilitated a dedicated sales team. The results were outstanding.

The OneChat Solution


Due to the success of our approach, the team has grown by 300% for the duration of the initial campaign. Consultants utilised their acquired skills to speak directly with key decision makers in our clients required targets. Due to our approach the clients sales targets were exceeded by 84%.

As part of our continuous improvement strategy, we conducted data investigation and provided recommendations to our client on future EDM design, sales strategy and ongoing campaign improvement.


Due to our success our client has now engaged phase 2 of this campaign which will include larger lead volumes and eCommerce management to assist in growing sales via their online channels.

Final Word – Sales & Customer Acquisition Campaigns
Our executive team have worked on campaigns that have been responsible for generating over $2 billion in sales for our clients via inbound and outbound direct sales campaigns, in the financial services and insurance sectors.

With over 40 million customer interactions and counting via Inbound sales, Level 1 tech support, Outbound sales campaigns and customer service calls across multiple products in this sector, you can be sure OneChat can drive revenue, customer engagement and performance for your business .

Lead Generation Case Study

Our client is a global company based in Melbourne that provides in car telematics for every General Motors vehicle produced within the USA.

Although based out of Melbourne, the majority of their services are offered in the USA and Europe with little market share in Australia and our client was looking to change that.



Automotive Services


After consultation with the client around business objectives, OneChat performed two pieces of work:

  • Lead Generation into companies with a fleet of 100 plus vehicles. The initial demographic of the vehicles being targeted for appointments for the Field Team were: Rental cars, Couriers, Banking and Retail.

  • Sales to companies within the above demographic with less than 100 vehicles

The OneChat Solution


OneChat designed a tailored training program and facilitated a lead generation and sales solution to a dedicated team. The results were outstanding.

We constructed a pipeline of over $7.9m in opportunities in the required verticals. Agents utilised their acquired training skills to navigate the gate keepers to speak directly with decision makers in such companies as: Westpac, Parmalat, Miele, Europcar, Thrifty and Budget. There were zero cancellations of meetings booked and our client was able to move forward into full presentations.

In addition, we conducted new data investigation and EDM design for 10,000 potential clients.


The vehicle telematics device retails at a cost of $20 per unit, per month and our total lead generation pipeline sat at an annual revenue of $7.9 million.


OneChat Results

$7.9 million

In sales opportunities developed


Of client meetings took place